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Body Taing

I live in Hawaii. When I'm not surfing or playing airsoft, I build user experiences.

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Bruno Miranda

Bruno started writing software at the age of 14. By chance C was the first language he learned, although today he probably doesn't remember it. Bruno spends most of his day solving problems. His hobbies are photography, architecture and coffee.

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Ellis Berner

Ellis graduated from Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute with a B.S. in both Information Technology and Business. When not Vimming, he enjoys cooking, cycling and the board game Go. He believes in TDD, A/B testing, and remapping caps lock to escape.

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Jake Konoske

Jake is a product manager at Doximity. He is a proud UC Berkeley Alum with a penchant for good coffee, waves and snow.

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James Klein

James is a Web Developer at Doximity. He earned a bachelors in Information Science from Northeastern University and has been in the startup scene most of his career. When not contributing to the internet, James is typically outside biking, rock climbing, or skiing. He also loves to travel and takes every opportunity to do so.

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Kayvan Najafzadeh

Kayvan is a Mobile Software Engineer at Doximity. He graduated with bachelor of computer science from University of California Berkeley.

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Ryan Stawarz

Ryan earned a bachelors in Computer Engineering from the University of Illinois, and a masters in Computer Science from De Paul University. When not organizing bits in the virtual world, he enjoys swimming, biking and running. But only in the free moments between being a devoted husband and dedicated father of three wonderful children.

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